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Founded in 1945, the Clinton County Historical Association has been, for three-quarters of a century, a center for historic preservation and research, and an organization that takes an expansive approach in fulfilling its formal mission statement:

To collect, preserve, interpret, and promote the history of Clinton County for the use, education, and enjoyment of present and future generations. 

We use our resources and extensive collections to tell the story of a region that has played a vital role not only in American history, but global history, from Native Americans thriving in the wake of the Ice Age to the U.S. superpower emerging from the Cold War, along the way documenting Clinton County’s pioneering influence on agriculture, mining and medicine as well as its longstanding import as a military and recreational center.

In addition to managing our collections and our Museum, where visitors and researchers are welcome, CCHA puts on dozens of talks and programs every year throughout the community, and cosponsors events with a wide range of community history, arts and cultural partners.



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