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Clinton County is the home of some of the most important battles in American history. However, not all victories in the struggle for human rights and self-determination are made on the battlefield. The pursuit of woman suffrage was one such struggle. The suffrage movement was a major national movement and was also fought in Clinton County by Clinton County residents. 

To prepare to commemorate the 100th Anniversary of Woman Suffrage in New York State in November 2017, the Clinton County Historical Association began talking to women in the historical community who might want to be involved in researching what happened in our county during the suffrage movement. Soon it became evident to researchers how quiet and perhaps lonely was the fight for the right to vote. No one chose marching or picketing in County towns. And unlike slavery, where it was assumed that the majority of the enslaved wanted freedom, it became clear that in the beginning a majority of women did not want nor care to vote. So, it was a long struggle, seemingly too long, to achieve that basic right we so take for granted today.

With publication of the booklet called the Clinton County Suffrage Story, CCHA takes great pride in telling the story of what happened in Clinton County during that momentous period. This booklet is available in the CCHA gift shop.

Our story continues on Facebook.  https://www.facebook.com/ClintonCountySuffrage2017